LEN officials seminar lecture materials

FINA Officials Seminar, January, 2014 Fina Rules. Alfonso Wucherpfennig, LEN TSC member.

FINA Congress, August 16, 2013 New Rules 2013-2017. FINA Technical Swimming Commitee.

Copenhagen, Sept 2011 The doubt is on the benefit of the Swimmer. Alfonso Wucherpfennig.

Copenhagen, Sept 2011 Communnication in Swimming Events. Alfonso Wucherpfennig.

Copenhagen, Sept 2011 Evolution of the swimming strokes according to the rules Alfonso Wucherpfennig.

LEN Swimming Coaches Clinic lecture materials

Hódmezővásárhely 2016 Identifying junior swimmers in Great Britain and preparing them for the rigours of senior international competition. Tim Jones.

Berlin 2014 Pre-competition training and taper with elite swimmers - examples & analysis. Andrei Vorontsov.

Dordrecht 2014 Preparation of Junior Swimmers in Hungary. Csaba Sós.

Chartres 2012 Management of Irish Swimming and the National Team Programme. Peter Banks.

Antwerp 2012 Preparation of Junior Swimmers in Denmark. Michael Hinge.

Szczecin 2011 Preparation and Use of Competition Analysis. Jodi Cossor.

Beograd 2011 Muscular Power and it's Application in Swimming Training. Raul Arellano.

Eindhoven 2010 Russian Swimming on the Way to 2012 and Beyond. Andrei Vorontsov.

Budapest 2010 Block Periodization: Scientific Concept and Implementation. Vladimir B. Issurin.

Helsinki 2010 Review of the Swimming Science Researches Presented in BMS 2010. Kari Keskinen.

Istanbul 2009 Developing Success of French Swimming Team. Christian Donze.

Prague 2009 British Junior Teams at the EJC. John Atkinson.

Rijeka 2008 Working on a high performance environment. Lode Grossen.

Belgrade 2008 Training Planning. Luis Cardoso.

Debrecen 2007 High Performance – Talent Development Swimming Netherlands. Andre Cats.

Antwerp 2007 From European junior’s final to the Olympic final. Dimitrij Mancevic.

Helsinki 2006 Developing Denmark into a Winning Team. Mark Regan.

Budapest 2006 Classification of Training Excercises and Targeting of Training Objectives. Sportwiss. J. Olbrecht.

Palma 2006 Evaluation of the final stage preparation to the Athens Olympic Games in the World Leading Swimming National Teams. Vladimir B. Issurin.

Trieste 2005 Changing & Challenging a Sporting or Business Culture. Bill Sweetenham.