Rein Haljand, Ph.D.
Professor of Kinesiology, Tallinn University

Residence: Tallinn, Estonia



1975 Ph.D. Moscow Central Institute of Physical Education
  Thesis on: "The Technique of Fly Swimming Movements and The Possible Improvement Methods"
1966 BSc. Tallinn Pedagogical University. Faculty of Physical Education

Work experience:

2016 Estonian Olympic Committee Honorary Member
2012 Professor Emeritus, Tallinn University
1986 - 2016 Member of Technical Commitee, European Swimming Federation (LEN)
1992 - 2012 Professor of Kinesiology, Faculty of Physical Education, Tallinn University (TLU)
1992 - 2005 Dean, Faculty of Physical Education, TLU
2001 - 2002 Vice President, Estonian Olympic Committee (EOC)
1997 - 2001 Secretary General, EOC
1985 - 1999 Swimming Referee, International Swimming Federation (FINA)
1991 - 1995 President of Estonian Swimming Federation

Research and practical implementation:

"Swimming Technique, Starts and Turns Complex Analysis; Computer Models"
Practical implementation since 1980 in the preparation of swimmers of the national swimming federations in Estonia, Finland, The Soviet Union, Russia, Sweden, Norway, The UK, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Canada, Australia, and others.

"The Analysis Models for Swimming Competitions, Hardware and Software"
Practical implementation in all European Swimming Championships since 1986; World Swimming Championsips and the Olympic Games swimming programs.

Organizer of LEN swimming coaches clinics during European Championships and regional LEN clinics.

Co-author of book "Perfect Swimming - Technique and Tactics" written by prof. R.Haljand and T.Tamp, (c) 2007. In this book authors analyze world best swimmers' technique models. Swimmers analyzed in this book have earned their names in the world of swimming by having noteable titles, records and medals such as Ian Thorpe, Lars Fr÷lander, Aleksandr Popov, Jani Sievinen, Mark Foster, Inge de Bruin, Therese Alshammar, Anna-Karin Kammerling, Johanna Sj÷berg, Emma Igelstr÷m, Otylia JŠdrzejczak, Bartosz Kizierowski, Peter MankoŔ, Oleg Lisogor, Andrei Serdinov and many more. In total more than 1000 swimmers have been analyzed.


Internationally acknowledged lecturer in seminars and conferences on "The Methods of Testing and Teaching The Technique of Swimming Styles, Starts and Turns" and "Competition Analysis in Swimming"

Lectures, conferences, meetings, consultations and conventions since 1980 in over 100 different countries.

Lectures in Tallinn Pedagocial University since 1966 on swimming and watersports, kinesiology, biomechanics, the theory of physical sports and sport workouts